Self Inflicted: west oakland ghettoviolence

by Self Inflicted

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released on cd -2008


released January 6, 2015

Adam- drums
Alex - guitar
Rob- bass
Damian- vocals



all rights reserved


Violent Opposition San Rafael, California

Started Sept 2013

The foundation is rooted in early earache grind and frank zappa.
But, west coast hardcore! And, Canadian fastcore! I love it!

Lyrics have mostly been a lot of self help shit, sociopolitical, observations of behavior and culture, what you might expect from a zappa/grind project...
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Track Name: Unwanted
Abandoned, forgotten. I am a disease
No friends or family that care about me
No respect for myself, no respect for others
No one loves me so why should I bother?
No past, no present, no future in sight
Every tomorrow is the worst day of my life
There is no love
There is no hope
Life is pain
We die alone
I feel as if the whole world is against me
and the purpose of life is to suffer and die
It's only my hatred that keeps me alive
Track Name: You're The Problem
Fuck punkers who hate ravers, hippies, and metal heads
You're the reason punk is a meaningless fad
Self righteous pseudo revolutionaries
Separatists? You're just neo-consumers
You complain, you defame
You're to blame, you're the same
Judge people based on their actions
The stereotype for punk is oi and sid vicious
Track Name: Prison Is Immoral
Government, oppression, and cops will never stop evil
It only fuels hatred more to imprison a man in jail
Jail may conform a person but it will also scar their soul
No lesson has been learned just more government control
Human behavior, to a large extent, is influenced by our surroundings
Violence and theft exist as a result of a selfish uncaring society
Criminal rehabilitation is the responsibility of the public
Isolation as a punishment is only contributing to the problem
It is moronic to expect that positive change can be made
by incarcerating a life to an artificial climate of hate
Prison is the sum of avoiding the root cause of crime
You're all too lazy for real solutions so you accept the comfortable lie
Track Name: Everything Sucks
The air we breathe, the water we drink
The lives we lead, the way we think
The food we grow, what we don't know
The tragedy of life, the loved one' who've died
Everything sucks
Political assholes, death and taxes
Unwanted burdens, staving children
Corruption & greed, methamphetamine
Cops and thugs and punks on drugs
Everything sucks
The price of gas, the fucking traffic
The job I have, the fear and panic
All the hate. lies, and deceit
Stupid mistakes we're doomed to repeat
Everything sucks except for you