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These are tracks Ive salvaged. All this stuff was recorded 97-99.
These are from 5 different albums, The Meaning Of Everything, Food For Thought, Twenty Six Songs In Six Minutes, Various Leftovers, and Suspension of Disbelief
Bred On Deception was a band I did throughout the 90's. This was some of what we were doing in the last couple years of it. We played shows with everyone, everywhere in SoCal.


releases December 2, 2027

Raffi - drums, vocals
Damian - bass, vocals



all rights reserved


Violent Opposition San Rafael, California

Started Sept 2013

The foundation is rooted in early earache grind and frank zappa.
But, west coast hardcore! And, Canadian fastcore! I love it!

Lyrics have mostly been a lot of self help shit, sociopolitical, observations of behavior and culture, what you might expect from a zappa/grind project...
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Track Name: The Meaning Of Everything
The Meaning Of Everything

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Track Name: The Hellfire Club
This whole album was an introduction to different books. This song is from a Hunter Thompson book. I dont remember which one though. Its been too long now.